Growing a business is challenging. The route has many turns, bumps and sometimes even washouts.

At NuFocus Capital Group, we know that cash flow is the life blood of the company.

Navigating that road puts a strain on the company’s resources, especially cashflow.

The team at NuFocus Capital understands the challenges companies face on their growth journey.

What We Do

We work with companies to ensure they not only have the right type and amount of financing to enable them to grow; but, also to help them better understand how cash flows through their company. We have no typical client because each company is unique; but they all have one thing in common - cashflow challenges.

We also work closely with all the financial institutions in order to fit the need of the clients with the right financial partner.

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NuFocus Capital is a team of commercial finance professionals with years of experience working with small and mid-size businesses to help them improve financial performance and get the financing they need to grow (or recover from financial setbacks).

What makes us different is the way we do it. Our roots are in banking and finance; but our philosophy is based on our experience in the consulting world and as entrepreneurs. We take a different approach when working with clients. We go beyond the financial statements and ratios to understand how cash flows through the company. Sometimes the problem is easy to identify – a large bad debt or the loss of a key customer. Our experience, however, has taught us that cashflow challenges are often symptoms of problems in other parts of the company. Identifying the cashflow drivers enables us to identify the root causes of the company’s challenges. This process not only helps us find the right type and amount of financing for our clients; it also forms the basis for resolving the root cause of the cashflow problems.

Profit is not the only significant indicator of business success. Profitability is important; but it doesn’t pay the bills.

Cash can be generated with debt or new equity investments; but over the long term, positive cashflow from operations is an essential factor in profitability.