How We Do It

The NuFocus Capital Group Way

As our name suggests, we have a new focus on the way we analyze a company’s performance. What we have realized is that many of the companies who come to us about financial issues have operational issues that are impacting cashflow and profitability.

Our banking background informs our approach … we follow the cash as it moves through the company. In some cases, the root cause is obvious – a large bad debt or loss of a key customer or supplier. In other cases, the root cause is embedded in the way the company operates – how inventory is managed, how it deploys labour – essentially, how it collects and spends money.

We work with the leadership group because they know more about the company’s finances that anyone else. We walk them through the cashflow cycle from ordering material through to getting paid in order to help them understand how cash flows through their company. Once the client understands the company’s cashflow and recognizes the issues, we work with them to prioritize those issues and develop a strategy to address each one. If our diagnostic review identifies operational issues that impact cashflow, we introduce the client to our colleagues at NuFocus Group a full service multi-disciplinary advisory firm, who can help the client resolve those issues.